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Gabriella Hartvig Conferences

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Conference Presentations

2010  “The Solitariness of Hungarian Emigrant Writers.” MESEA Conference (The Society for Multi-Ehtnic Studies: Europe and the Americas). Pécs, Hungary

2009 “Aldous Huxley és Szathmári Kazohiniája.” Utópia: Nemzetközi Interdiszciplináris Konferencia.  Pécs, Hungary

2009   “Silenced Writers Who Turned into Translators in the 1950s.” HUSSE Conference 9 (Hungarian Society for the Study of English). Pécs, Hungary

2007  “Contemporary Hungarian Imitations of Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.HUSIS 1 (Hungarian Society for Irish Studies). Pécs, Hungary

2007  “The Irish Reception of Richardson in the Eighteenth Century: The Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph.HUSSE Conference 8. Szeged, Hungary

2006    “Angolszász munkák a Klimo-gyűjteményben.” Tudomány és kutatás a Klimo Könyvtárban. Pécs, Hungary

2006   “From ‘satura lanx’ to ‘das umgekehrte Erhabene’: the early interpretations of Sterne’s ‘learned wit’ in German aesthetics.” ESSE (European Society for the Study of English). London, United Kingdom

2006  “Gulliver’s Travels in Faremido, Capillaria, and Kazohinia: Hungarian Gulliveriads.” Fifth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift. Münster, Germany

2005  “Swift in Hungary Reconsidered.” Münster Colloquium on Jonathan Swift in Europe. Münster: Germany

2005 “János Batsányi’s Early Ossianic Translations.” Empire, Philosophy and Religion: Scotland and Central-Eastern Europe in the Eighteenth Century. Budapest: Central European University, Hungary

2005  “Miklós Szentkuthy’s Translation of Gulliver’s Travels.” HUSSE Conference 7. Veszprém, Hungary

2002  “Swift in Hungary: A Preliminary Sketch.” Münster Colloquium on the Reception of Jonathan Swift on the Continent of Europe. Münster, Germany

2002    “Sterne Lőrincz in Hungary.” Conference on Laurence Sterne. Oxford, United Kingdom

2002  “Gulliver csodálatos utazása a magyar irodalomban.” Mandulavirágzási Napok. Pécs, Hungary

2000  “A Bibliography of the Translations of Sterne’s Works in Hungary.” Colloquium on Laurence Sterne. Utrecht, the Netherlands

1999  “‘I never held myself to be an original writer.’ János Kis’s Imitation of Richardson: The Hungarian Pamela.HUSSE Conference 4. Budapest

1998  “The Early Hungarian Translations of the Letters Written Between Yorick and Eliza and the Concept of the Reading Public in Hungary.” Scenes of Writing, 1750-1850. Gregynog Hall, Newtown, United Kingdom

1997  “The Early Reception of Tristram Shandy in Hungary.” HUSSE Conference 3. Pécs, Hungary

1995   “The Generic Sources of Tristram Shandy.HUSSE Conference 2. Szeged, Hungary