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Focus: Papers in English Literary and Cultural Studies (HU ISSN 1585-5228)


Focus: Papers in English Literary and Cultural Studies has been a peer-reviewed biennial journal of the Department of English literatures and Cultures, University of Pécs, since 1998. 



Since its inception, contributors to the journal have been scholars from various universities and research institutions in Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Croatia and elsewhere. The 2002 issue, focusing on Joyce, was reviewed in Irish University Review, the 2004 and 2006 issues in the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, the 2008 issue in EPONA, the 2012 issue in Irish Theatre International.  


Submissions are welcome.Papers should conform to the latest MLA style with inside references keyed to the Works Cited section, written in Word (min. 4,000 words). In accordance with the policy of the journal, the papers are peer reviewed in English to help the decision about their acceptance for publication. Reviews of scholarly books (min.1,000 words) are also welcome, they should be related to Anglophone literary and cultural studies and published within three years of the next issue.


Editor-in-chief: Mária Kurdi, professor emerita (University of Pécs, Hungary)


Issue Editor: variable, may be guest editor(s) from another university


Editorial Board:


Sanda Berce (Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania)

Monika Fodor (University of Pécs, Hungary)

Gabriella Hartvig (University of Pécs, Hungary)

Eamonn Jordan (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Csaba Maczelka (University of Pécs, Hungary)

Margaret McMullan (University of Evansville, USA)

Gabriella Vöő (University of Pécs, Hungary)


Advisory board: variable (members are recruited for each issue according to the subjects of the contributions)


Reviews editor: Zsuzsa Csikai (University of Pécs, Hungary)


Language editor: John Thomas Voelker (University of Pécs, Hungary)


Technical editor: Lívia Szélpál (University of Pécs, Hungary)



University of Pécs

Institute of English Studies

Department of English Literatures and Cultures

Ifjúság útja 6.


7624 Pécs, Hungary





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